Event Time: Evenings / Event Location: Fes Medina

The Religion of Love. Of Rabi Ibn Arabi, Rumi to today …

Love has been lived, sung, declined in all forms of life and action by a broken chain of women and men across different cultures. Love was considered the highest achievement of spirituality and faith.

Love of neighbor, love of each other, the love of the All-Other, and yet we are closer to us than ourselves. Love that this Rabiaa up beyond Heaven and Hell and Rumi which attests to the conflagration and devastation (“I was raw and then cooked,” he said, “I am now consumed”). Ibn Arabi draws our attention to the fact that it will forever remain a mystery. Yet it is at the feet of this invisible guide where he hands over the keys of his soul: ” In some direction turn its mounts Love is my religion and my faith!” This Love that he remains today? It is, as the Sufis say , an ocean and inexhaustible thirst. We must turn away from the foolish and deadly caricatures of religions to delve into the texts, poetry, action and life stories, which supply blood to the heart and mind. And delve further into the ineffable and intimate experiences that people love distill around them every day, then as now. Pressed to explain its unreason the Majnun Layla responded to its critics that there was flavor in life for those that love has entered. But it remains a key issue. How this energy of love can build a common future, a company? And beyond even in this extreme diversity of the world, instill more empathy or fraternity? It’s such a reflection, this agape, we are this time guests.

Faouzi Skali
President of the Festival

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